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Bluis dogbane tea help maintain healthy blood pressure and cardiovasular function. Bluis dogbane grows wildly at Xijiang, China. People lives there have history to eat a lot of meat with less cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. The number of people live over 100 year old at this region is far more than the other regions in the world. Research indicates people live there regularly drink the Bluish dogbane tea maybe is one of the important factors contribute to their balanced blood pressure, cardiovascular health and longevity. Same as Bluish dogbane, the pharmacologists and herbalists also found that the Prunella vulgaris l., Cassia obtusifolia L., Plantago asiantaca L., Crataegus pinnatifida, Chrysanthemum morifolium and Ganodema lucidum also contains medical value to help maintain a healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular function. All the ingredients formulated at this tea has been recorded at Chinese pharamacopia, and being used by Chinese and Japanese folk over thousands of years that to be approved very safe. This tea offers a pleasant taste with natural lasting aroma. No side effect for a long time usage.

Bluish Dogbane Tea Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular

  • Bluish dogbane (Leave) 40% Cassia obtusifolia L 15% Crataegus pinnatifida 8% Ganoderma lucidum 5% Prunella vulgaris L 15% Plantago asiantaca L 10% Chrysanthemum (Flower) 7% Serving size: 2 tea bags (Makes 12 fl oz tea) Bluish dogbane (Leave) 1,600 mg Prunella vulgaris L. 600 mg Cassia obtusifolia L. 600 mg Plantago asiantaca L. 400 mg Crataegus pinnatifida 320 mg Chrysanthemum (Flower) 280 mg Ganoderma lucidum 200 mg

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