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Magic Herb Tea 11 Digestion Aid Tea Statistics shows that about 70% of people have symptoms of stomach disorders. Digestion Aid Tea is based on a formula developed by the institute of Medical Literature, Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The clinical tests have shown that this formula significantly improved of the spleen and the stomach, and helps relieve indgiestion caused by overeating. It is one of the best health products for nourishing the stomach and restoring the gastrointestinal function.

Magic Herb Tea 11 Digestion Aid Tea

  • Astragalas (Astragalas membranaceus) (root) (huang qi) Jujube (fruit) (da zao) Changium smyrnioides wolff (root) {ming dang shen} Bai-zhu Atractylodes (rhizome) {bai zhu} Poria (sclerotium) {fu ling} Tangerine peel (chen pi) Pinellia (tuber) (fa ban xia) Barley (sprout) (Mai ya) Millet (sprout) (gu ya) Chinese hawthorn (crataegus pinnatifida) (fruit) (shan zhu) Field Mint (leaf) (Bo he ye) Medicated (leaven) (Shen qu) Perilla (stem) {Zi su geng} Bitter orange (fruit) (zhi qiao) Chinese licorice (root & rhizome) {gan cao} Chinese Yam (rhizome) {Shan yao} Forsythia (fruit) (lian qiao) Tea (partially ferment leaf)

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