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Gohyah tea also be called Balsam pear Tea. Described as clear and elegant in flavor it contains not tea (cameliie sinensis but dried slices of bittermelon that is known by a dozen names such as Balsam pear, towel gourd, tiansigna, bitter gourd, and fu gua. The light, relaxing, pleasant-tasting beverage contains no caffeine. People who complain about tea's "muddy" taste often love this beverage served hot or cold. The slightly bitter flavor makes it a popular daily remedy through out Asia and the Carribean for cooling and cleansing the body from and stomach meridians to cool and cleanse the blood. Bittermelon tea helps reduce down the high cholestrol. It also helps reduce down the diabetic count.

Balsam Pear Tea

  • Deyhydrated Bitter Melon Thankh phan: Kho qua

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