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Relieve prostate pain in three days. Create miracle and relieve the pain. Male health alert: Prostate disease is recognized by the WHO as one of the top three male problems.After reaching 40 years old, mens prostate will gradually enlarge, which will lead to hyperplasia of prostate gland. The hyperplasia of prostate gland is a common disease among senior males. It is caused by the abnormity and proliferation of the prostate. The onset is mostly after 50 years old. With the increase of age, the incidence of the disease rises. It has become a common disease seen at the urological department. The clinical symptoms are divided into three categories: lower urinary tract obstruction symptom such as weak stream of urine, dysuria and even urine retention; the lower urinary tract irritation symptom, such as frequent micturition, urgent micturition, night urinary increase, retention of urine and urinary incontinence; complications caused by lower urinary tract obstruction symptom, such as urinary tract infection, bladder stone, blood urine, hemorrhoid, colic and renal insufficiency. If not treated in time, these will lead to prostate cancer. The incidence of prostate cancer ranks No. 1 among male cancers in North Europe; the incidence in America is 14.3%, which is the most commonly seen cancer and is only one less than lung cancer. It takes up 10% of the male cancers, and ranks number 2 among the male cancers. Its death rate is proportional to age: among people of age 60 – 64, it ranks number 5 among the death from cancers; among people of age 65 -69, it ranks number 3; among people of age 70-79, it ranks number 2; among people above 80, it ranks number 1. As estimated by the epidemiologists, there are over 92000 prostate cancer patients in EEC, which takes up 12% of male patients who are newly have cancer; it is estimated that there will be over 179300 prostate cancer patients in America, which takes up 29% of male cancers. The special liposome membrane of the prostate gland, with fibrous membrane separating the inner layer, makes it difficult for general medicine to enter the gland, and thus forms a blood-prostate obstruction and most of the medicines could not penetrate and take effect. This is also one of the important reasons why the hyperplasia of prostate is difficult to treat. U-PROSTA may resolve all the above-said difficulties[Functional principle]: U-PROSTA adopts the Nobel-winning apoptosis principle which induces programmed death of hyperplasic cells, so as to effectively remove the hyperplasic cells and make the prostate recover to its normal size. Apoptosis is physiologic cell death controlled by program. The characteristic is that there will be special form changes in the nucleus and cytoplasm. The chromatin splits at regular points, and the DNA inside of the nucleosome, internally tangent nucleotide splits. The programmed cell death depends on the proportion of the two kinds of labeled molecule Bax and Bcl-2 in cells. If Bax is more than Bcl-2, it will activate the executor of the cell death – caspase, and degrade DNA regularly, and the cells will die. The dead cells from the cell death process will not leave harmful molecule to the body, therefore, it is the healthiest way to remove the hyperplasia. U-PROSTA introduces the active substance extracted from the natural plant – Saw palmetto, which may effectively increase the bilinear proportion between the Bax and the Bcl-2 molecule and increase the activity of the executor of cell death – caspase-3, which will make the diseased cells die and will remove them from the normal tissues. Five functions of U-PROSTA1.To stop the hyperplasia of the prostate 2.To relieve the lower urinary tract irritation and obstruction 3.To stop prostate infection 4. To help the prostate recover to normal status 5. To supress the occurrence and development of the prostate cancer The Miracle effect of the U-PROSTAThe symptoms will be relieved within three days. The disease will be controlled within three day! About 15 days after taking U-PROSTA: the symptoms of frequent micturition, urgent micturition, perineum discomfort, and so on will be evidently relieved; About 30 days after taking U-PROSTA: the burning pain of urinary tract will be evidently relieved, the bifurcation of urine will be improved, and one will urinate smoothly, the symptom of odynuria will disappear, the distending pain of the perineum and abdomen will be relieved, the night urinary will be decreased, one will sleep well and sexual function will get better; About 90 days after taking U-PROSTA: the symptoms will basically disappear, the function will be evidently improved, and each function will restore to normal. Ultrasound examination will show reduced prostate. The quality of life will be greatly improved.

U-Prosta Natural Support For Prostate Health

  • Saw Palmetto, Cranberries, Flaxseed Daidzein, Soluble Fiber, Plant Extract Eductase, Special D type Protein, other ingredients: Disaccharide, Fructose, starch.

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