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It is a popular and well known herbal supplement for useful in the health of the inner ear, mouth, teeth, throat, and salivary glands, and the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems. Use for toxic heat and real fire in liver, heart and stomach channels (upper burner) with congestion due to phlegm-heat. Symptoms include fever, inflamed throat or gums, red irritated eyes, ear-ache, toxic swellings, delirium, toothache, headache, dizziness, and oral ulcers. Useful in children's fever. Do not use in deficiency heat symptoms. Source: Bian Zheng Zhun Sheng Fu Yu Ji, (Differentiation standards from the volume on gynecology and pediatrics), Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644. Function: Clear heat; reduce inflammation, detoxify fire poison Application: Use to relieve strong fire evil in the upper warmer, constipation caused by excess heat (not def. Yin type of constipation), skin infections including sores, carbuncles, boils, (The patient must have the above-mentioned heat signs), tonsillitis or pharyngitis with symptoms such as fever, throat pain, swollen tonsils (with or without pus); conjunctivitis; parotitis; otitis media. Symptoms: Throat pain, mouth dryness, throat dryness, tongue ulcer, mouth ulcer, toothache with or without swollen gums, headache. Contraindication: Do not use with pregnant women. This formula contains Da Huang, which is contraindicated during pregnancy because it could cause a miscarriage. Do not use with cases that have deficiency, especially not in cases with def. Spleen syndrome where loose stools or diarrhea may already be present. Use only in cases with excess fire.

Niu Huang Jie Du Pian Heat Cleanse Combo

SKU: PP046
  • Honeysuckle 450 mg Gardenia 425 mg Rhizoma 400 mg Forsythia 275mg Baical Skullcap 250mg Coptis 200mg

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