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It is a popular and well-known herbal supplement that supports a healthy menstrual cycle. Breaks blood stagnation, stimulates and invigorates blood circulation, regulates blood, relieves pain. A special patent specifically for menstrual disorders due to blood stagnation, including clots and cramps, irregular periods, difficulty in starting menses or amenorrhea, or prolonged periods. Helpful as extended relief or as symptomatic relief for cramps while they occur.

Tojing Wan

SKU: P96
  • Safflower Flower 50mg Sichuan Lovage Root 50mg Dong-Quai Root 50mg Red-Rooted Sage Root 50mg Zedoary Rhizome 100mg Burush Stems 100mg Red Peony Root 100mg

  • Take 1/4 vial or 20 pills, 2 times a day.

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