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For external and internal piles, prolapsusani. Prolapsed piles, bleeding piles, thrombosed piles, piles of long time and those with fresh blood after evaculation. Invigorates blood circulation, breaks up blood stagnation, relieves swelling, dispels heat, stops pain. Use for acute and chronic hemorrhoids due to blood stagnation and heat. Reported to give immediate relief of swelling. Function: Clear heat; stop pain; stop bleeding Application: Use to relieve internal and / or external hemorrhoids; prolapsed anus. This formula will help to stop bleeding, stop pain and infection.

Fargelin For Piles Hua Zhi Ling Wan For Hemorroids

SKU: P90
  • Radix Pseudoglnseng 20% Radix Scutellarlae 15% Flos Sophorae 15% Call Icarpa Macropnylla 15% Succinum 15% Radix Sanguisorbae 10% Pig Gall 5% Rhizoma Corydalis 5%

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