It supports the health of the immune system, the head, and the upper respiratory system (nose, throat, sinuses, and larynx). Use during the first two days of an exogenous wind-heat attack with slight dry cough, congestion in head, dry or sore throat, sneezing, running nose, and watery eyes. Source: relieves seasonal febrile diseases, by Wu Tang, 1798. Function: Dispel wind-heat in upper warmer, open stagnant lung qi, stop cough, and use to relieveseasonal febrile disorders due to wind-heat. Use in the acute condition. Symptoms: Cough, headache, some fever (but not high fever), sore throat, and slight thirst, dry mouth. Application: Flu, bronchitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, conjunctivitis, or other illnesses with fever, thirst, and cough. Contraindication: Use only in cases where an Excess syndrome is present; do not use where a deficiency syndrome is present.

Sang Chu Yin Pien

  • White Mulberry Leaf 679 Apricot Seed 540 Platycodon Root 540 Reed Rhizome 540 Forsythia Fruit 408 Mum Flower 270 Chinese Licorice Root 219 Field Mint Herb 144