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Herbalist use it to promote overall circulation eliminated discomfort maintain skeletal and joint health function. Dispels wind, activates qi and blood, dissipates damp, relieves heat, tonifies kidney and liver, stops pain. Use for wind-damp invasion affecting muscles, bone, and lower back. Applicable for chronic and acute arthritis and rheumatism, and numbness or pain in extremeties. Also useful for exogenous or endogenous wind causing headache, dizziness, and nausea. Source: Jing Yue Quan Shu, (Jing Yue's Complete Works), Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644. Function: Dispel Wind; Promote Blood circulation, relax the tendons; stop pain Application: It is use to relieve headaches due to OPI wind-cold, migraine headaches, numbness of the limbs due to poor blood circulation or stroke (Zhong Feng), rheumatic pain caused by wind-cold or dampness (Bi syndrome), post-stroke paralysis for face, arm or leg, Bell's Palsy (this formula is especially effective for this).

Tian Ma Wan Concentrated

SKU: P79
  • Gastrodia Rhizome 20.5mg Achyranthes Root 20.5mg Ningpo Figwor Root 20.5mg Eucommia Bark 24.0mg Rhizoma Dioscoreae 20.5mg Notopterygium Root 36.0mg Foxglove Root 54.7mg Tang Kwei Root 36.0mg Herba Duhuo Root 17.3mg

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