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Activates blood circulation, disperses stagnant blood and phlegm, dispels wind and cold in the joints and luo channels, tonifies kidney yin and yang, invigorates qi. Use for joint pain, back pain, stiff muscles, and difficulty in walking or sitting. Use in serious and acute cases. Source: Lan Tai Gui Fan, (Regulations from Lan Tai), Qing Dynasty, 1644-1911. Function: Promote (stimulate) smooth circulation of Blood and Qi to relax muscles and tendons. It expel wind and cold. It stop spasm; stop pain. Applications: Use to relieve limb numbness due to wind evil, rheumatism or poor circulation. It use to relieve back pain, leg pain or stiff limbs (rheumatism) when exogenous wind evil has affected the patient who usually has def. qi. It use to relieve sequelae of stroke (Zhong Feng, apoplexy) as soon as posssible after the patient's medical and neurogical conditions are stable. (Do not use while bleeding is still occurring in hemorrhage cases.) Can also be used for sequelae from head injury cases after the medical and neurological conditions are stable. Symptoms: Facial paralysis, limb paralysis (paralysis may be spastic or flaccid), impaired speech and articulation. The patient should also be receiving physical therapy and speech therapy while taking this herbal medicine, if possible. Contraindication: Do not use with pregnant women.

Tongren Dahuoluo Dan (Chinese Old Man Tea)

SKU: P77
  • Honey 40% Ginseng root 2% Inula helenium root 1.8% Lebebouriellae root 1.8% Clematis root 1.3% Gastrodia 1.3% Earth worm 1.3%,Rhizoma seu radix notopterygii 1.3%, Cinnamon Twigs 1.3%, Rehmmannia root 1.3%, Licorice root 1.3%, Chinese cornbind 1.3%, Bamboo leaf 1.3%, Aquilariae lignum atalk 1.3%, Shield ferm 1.3%, Radix rhizoma rhei 1.3%, Lindera root 1.3%, Angelica root 1.0%, Scrophulana root 1.0%, Anemone raddeana 0.8%, Asarum root 0.8%, Caryophylli flower 0.7%, Peony root 0.7%, Black striped snake 0.7%, Myrrh 0.7%, Frankincense 0.7%, Hoelen seed 0.7%, Aatractylis Lancea root 0.7%, Drynaria 0.7%, Nutmeg 0.7%, Cyperus root 0.7%, Orange peel 0.7%, Scutellaria root 0.7%, Arisaema 0.7%, Benzoin 0.7%, Resina Draconis (Dragon's blood) 0.5%, Radix pueerariae 0.5%, Chinese spikenard 0.4% and Cow gallstone 0.1%

  • As dietary supplement, take one drop a day.

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