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Dispels wind-damp, relieves the surface, sedates heat, dispels toxins, and tonifies and circulates blood and qi. This formula counteracts skin itching, and is indicated for various pruritus and eczema diseases, dermatitis, fungal infection, and skin itching due to allergenic and drug reactions. Function: Strengthen qi; nourish blood, eliminate wind; stop itching Application: It is use to relieve itching on the skin due to wind factor. This medicine is especially useful in relievingchronic itching seen in cases with deficiency. In TCM theory, itching on the skin is due to wind factor. The wind factor accumulates on the surface of the skin. Two types of herbal medicines are used to eliminate the wind and stop the itching: Herbs which expel wind and herbs which extinguish wind by nourishing the blood. This patent medicine contains herbs which eliminate wind both by expelling the wind and by nourishing the blood. Applications include the following: Erythematous eczema; and itching caused by drug allergy. Contraindication: Do not eat seafood, bamboo shoots, or goose while taking this medicine.

Kai Yeung Pill

SKU: P74
  • Astragalus root 222mg Angelica root 222mg Agkistrodon 222mg Cnidium rhizome 222mg Angelica dahurica root 222mg Ginseng root 222mg Tsang-Chu rhizome 222mg Cnidium Fruit 222mg Cocklebur fruit 111mg Siler root 111mg Rehmannnia root 111mg Zaocys 111mg

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