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romotes the health of muscles, joints, and the nervous system. Clears wind-damp and wind-dampheat, invigorates blood circulation, benefits kidney and liver, strengthens tendons and bone. Use for wind-damp rheumatism causing lower backache, chronic sciatica, or pain to joints, including fingers, shoulders, knees and hips. Function: Expel wind-cold; eliminate dampness, promote blood circulation; stop pain, strengthen tendons and bones Application: Use to relieve Bi syndrome (joint pain due to wind-cold, dampness). Symptoms: Feeling of cold in the limbs, joint stiffness and joint pain; joints may be swollen. Especially used with chronic rheumatoid arthritis patients, or osteoarthritis patients or older persons with debility of legs and problems walking due to pain and stiffness in the joints. This formula is especially effective for joint pain and stiffness. Contraindication: While taking this medicine, do not eat pig's liver, sheep's meat (mutton) or blood, or sweet potatoes.

Feng Shih Hsiao Tung Wan

SKU: P71
  • Glorybower orientalis herb 120mg Siegesbeckia 480mg

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