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Classical formula to clear damp-heat in the uterus and kidneys, tonify blood and yin, and astringe damp discharge. For damp-heat vaginal discharge (dark and odorous leukorrhea) with pre-existing deficiency of blood. Other symptoms include lower bachache, fatigue, abdominal distension and pain. Source: Zheng Zhi Zhun Sheng, Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644. Function: Clear damp heat in the lower warmer, stop leukorrhea Application: Use to relieve damp heat that has settled in the lower warmer, causing leukorrhea. Here the dampness has already combined with heat, and the leukorrhea has a yellow color; itching and pain, as well as odor may accompany it. In some cases, the leukorrhea may also be bloody. Additional symptoms of damp heat in the lower warmer may include burning urination, abdominal pain, a bitter taste in the mouth, and dry throat. Use to relieve other disorders associated with damp heat in the lower warmer, including dysentery. Contraindication: Do not use this medicine if the leukorrhea is due to def. Spleen, where dampness has developed in the lower warmer, but has not combined with heat. In this case, the leukorrhea is clear or white in color.

Yudai Wan

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  • Ailanthus Rootbark 46.88% Paeonia Root 15.62% Rehmannia Root 12.50% Angelica Dang Gui 9.38% Phellodendron 6.25% Officinarum Rhizome 6.25% Ligusticum Rhizome 3.12%

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