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It promotes healthy function of the liver, gall bladder, and bile ducts. Removes damp-heat, invigorates qi at the center, benefits liver and gallbladder, kills worms. This is an efficacious formula for the disintegration and removal of gallstones. Use to reduce inflammation in both the gallbladder and liver, or to promote bile secretion. Also used for ascariasis (roundworm) in the bilary ducts.

Lidan Paishi Tablets "Benefit Gallbladder Discharge Stone Tablet"

SKU: P59
  • Yin-chen wormwood (young shoot) 450 mg, Lysimachia (whole plant) 450 mg, Chinese skullcap (root) 400 mg, Turmeric (root tuber) 400 mg, other ingredients: cornstarch

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