It promotes healthy function of the liver, gall bladder, bile passages, and intestines. Resolves damp-heat and toxic heat in the liver and gallbladder, harmonizes the middle burner. Developed specifically to treat acute and chronic gallstone inflammation. Used in China to dissolve and remove gallstones. Can be used for pathological excess in the Gallbladder Channel. Function: Clear bile ducts; eliminate inflammation Application: Use to treat acute jaundice due to damp heat (yang jaundice). Use to treat acute or chronic inflammation in the bile ducts, or acute or chronic cholecyctitis. Use to treat gallstones cholecystolithiasis); this formula will help to excel the smaller stones, less than 1 cm in diameter (Nankai Hospital, Tianjin, China).

Lidan Tablets "Benefit Gallbladder Tablets"

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  • Baikal Skullcap Root 590mg Costus Root 349mg Lysimachia Herb 202mg Honeysuckle Flower 197mg Capillary Artemisia Herb 197mg Chinese Thoroughwax Root 197mg Dyer's-Woad Leaves 197mg Chinese Rhubarb Rhizome 79mg