It helps promote a healthy pharynegeal passage. Clears toxic heat, sedates internal heat, resolves phlegm-heat, calms agitation and disturbed shen. Use for a variety of severe heat problems including acute tonsillitis, acute mumps, or sore throat; also high fever and with delirium. Not appropriate for sore throat in early stage of wind; best remedy for sore throat due to internal heat. Source: Formula by Lei Yuenshang, Dictionary of Chinese Medicine. Song Dynasty, 960-1279. Function: Detoxify fire poison, decrease inflammation, stop pain Application: Use to treat severe swollen sore throat as seen in Scarlet fever, Vincent’s angina, diphtheria, strep throat, tonsillitis or parotitis. Use to treat stomatitis. Use to treat skin disorders including carbuncles, sores or boils. It is very effective in treating these. Contraindication: Do not use with pregnant women. Avoid smoking, drinking and hot, spicy, pungent foods while taking this formula for sore throat. These would further irritate the throat.

Lu Shen Wan "Six Spirit Pill"

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  • Proprietary blend 31.25mg False Foxglove Asiatic dayflower Variableleaf yellowcress