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Sedates liver fire and wind, purges toxic heat, cools blood heat, relieves inflammations, opens heart orifice, resolves stagnation of blood and phlegm in the blood vessels, calms shen, breaks up stagnation of blood. Use for acute fevers and infections, fever with delerium or coma, and inflamed or abscessed lesions. Can be used as emergency remedy in stroke or heart attack. Function: Nourish kidney yang; lower high blood pressure in def. kidney yang cases. Decrease cholesterol. Reduce hardening of the arteries and blood vessels. Calm the spirit and tranquilize Application: It is use to relieve earlier stages of high blood pressure in cases with excess liver wind syndrome. Symptoms: High blood pressure with agitation, uneasiness, insomnia, excess anger. It is also use to relieve atherosclerosis. Do not take this medicine during pregnancy.

Cortex Eucommiae Du Zhong Pian

SKU: P37
  • Eucommia (stem bark) 480 mg Siberian motherworst (above ground parts) 480 mg Uncaria rhynchophylla (stem) 240 mg Chinese skullcap (root) 240 mg Heat all (fruit spike) 240 mg

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