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It supports the health and function of the lungs, throat and trachea. It is effective in promoting the health of the throat and in supporting pulmonary function. Tonify lung qi and yin, resolves phlegm, sedates heat. Use in chronic lung weakness with heat, with symptoms of dry cough and sticky phlegm. Function: Benefit lung; calm asthma due to def. lung yin, stop chronic cough due to def. lung yin Application: Use to relieve def. lung yin chronic cough without mucous (Internal heat has dried out the mucous). Use to relieve asthma due to week def. lung qi. (Do not use with asthma due to heat and dampness where there is lung heat and the patient has problems breathing.) Use to relieve coughing with blood in cases with Def. lung yin (night sweats may also be present). Applications also use to relieve chronic dry cough (as seen with tuberculosis or lung cancer patients). (Note: the patient must have the above-mentioned def. lung yin signs.)

Pulmonary Tablets (Sugar-Coated)

SKU: P24
  • Bletilla Rhizome 405mg Stemonia Root 225mg Schisandra Fruit 195mg Oyster Shell 165mg Loquat Leaf 150mg Lily Bulb 120mg Chinese Licorice Root 90mg Gecko 75mg Cordyceps Fungus 75mg

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