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This is a special dietary supplement which gives the body a steady feeling of calmness. It is an excellent supplement to be taken by the busy working man and woman. It is made from the purest natural ingredients available from a process developed in China. Nurtures heart blood and yin, calms shen, sedates deficiency-heat of the heart. Use for insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, palpitations, and vivid dreaming. Also useful in hyperactive thyroid and nocturnal emission. Function: Nourish blood; tranquilize the spirit; calm the heart, clear heart heat Application: Use to relieve heart syndrome due to def. heart qi and def. heart blood. Symptoms: Palpitations, insomnia, poor memory, dizziness, vertigo, hot flashes, dry mouth, restlessness. (In order to use this formula, the case must also have the def. heart syndrome symptoms mentioned above.) Also use to relieve sinus tachycardia; neurasthenia; premenstrual syndrome; climacteric psychosis or involutional psychosis.

Ding Xing Wan (Tranquilex Concentrated)

SKU: P212
  • Condonopsis root 9.2mg, Angelica root 29.2mg, China root 29.2mg, Polygala 29.2mg, Jujube seed 29.2mg, Biota seed 27.4mg, Scutellaria 9.2mg, Orphipogon root 29.2mg,Amber 4.6mg

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