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A special formulated herbal supplement which helps maintain proper brain function. So enjoy the benefit from the nature of the ancient wisdom. Nourishes heart yin, calms shen, clears heart phlegm, tonifies heart blood and qi. Useful in older persons with atherosclerotic plaque causing hardened arteries, and the accompanying symptoms of poor concentration and memory, restlessness, mental agitation, fatigue and insomnia. Also useful in manic episodes and seizures. Function: Supplement blood, supplement heart and kidney, nourish the brain; calm the spirit Application: Use to relieve symptoms due to def. heart blood such as poor memory, uneasiness, palpitations and insomnia. Use to relieve symptoms due to def. liver blood and internal wind such as headache and dizziness. Applications also use to relieve the following: Neurasthenia, neurosis, and other similar problems such as anxiety attacks, panic attacks and phobias.

Cerebral Tonic Tea Extract

SKU: P210
  • Dong quai (root) Jujube (seed) Desert broomrape (stem) Oriental arborvitae (seed) Polygala (root) English walnut (nut) Grass-leaf sweetflag (rhizome) Schisandra (fruit) Bamboo (dried secretion) Lycium (fruit) Sharp-leaf galangal (fruit)

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