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Classical formula to dissolve phlegm, resolve spleen-damp, regulated qi and harmonize the center. Use in cases of excessive phlegm congestion in stomach, lung or face, as well as symptoms brought about by food retention in the stomach. Symptoms include nausea and abdominal fullness, dizziness and vertigo, alcoholic hangover, phlegm-damp in the lungs. Source: Tai Ping Hui Min He Ji Ju Fang, (Formulas of The People’s Welfare Pharmacy), 1151 A.D., Song Dynasty, 960-1279.A.D., Function: Dry dampness, decrease phlegm caused by dampness, and regulate qi in the middle warmer Application: Use to relieve cough with excess phlegm where there is a sensation of chest fullness with nausea and possible vomiting. There is abundant white expectoration where the sputum is thin (not thick). The tongue has a thick, white and greasy coat. The pulse is slippery. Use to relieve abdominal distension with digestive problems and possible vomiting. This may be due to OPI in the fall associated with autumn dampness. Use to relieve dizziness or palpitations caused by dampness retention. Applications also use to relieve the following chronic bronchitis with excess sputum and gastric problems (poor appetite or excess stomach acid); gastroenteritis with cough or phlegm. A tradional herbal supplement that help maintain a healthy respiratory system.

Er Chen Wan Congex Extract

SKU: P20
  • Tangerine (dried rind of mature fruit) 550 mg Pinellia (rhizome) 550 mg Poria (sclerotium) 345 mg Chinese licorice (root) 172 mg Ginger (fresh rhizome) 105 mg

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