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Classical prescription to nurture heart yin and blood, strengthen spleen and heart qi, and calm. Use for fatigue with night sweating, palpitations, poor memory, restlessness, insomnia, or restless dreaming. Strengthens poor digestion by nurturing spleen qi. Useful in abnormal uterine bleeding and heavy menses. Also given to offset abdominal distension induced by other tonifying or invigorating patent medicines. Source: Ji Sheng Fang, (Treatment Formulas to Promote Life), Song Dynasty, 960-1279. Function: Strengthen qi; nourish blood, tonify spleen; nourish heart Application: Use to relieve def. heart/spleen syndrome due to over thinking. Symptoms: Insomnia, poor memory, nightmares, palpitations, restlessness, agitations, dizziness, def. type of headache, fatigue, a pale face, poor appetite, a pale tongue with thin white moss; an empty pulse (thin, weak). Also use to relieve neurasthenia. Use to relieve the following gynecological problems: Irregular menstrual cycle due to def. blood, hypermenorrhea with light red blood due to def. spleen, and leukorrhea due to def. spleen. Use to relieve chronic bleeding which may be associated with gastric ulcer; functional uterine bleeding; bleeding due to thrombocytopenia; aplastic anemia.

Angelicae Longona Extract (Gui Pi Wan)

SKU: P193
  • Dangshen (Radis codonopsis pilosulae) 11.43mg; Tuckahoe (Poria coccus) 22.86; Licorice root (Glyeyrrhiza glabra) 5.71mg; Zizyphus seed (Semen zizyphi spinozae) 11.43mg; Bighead atractylodes rhizome (Atractylodis macrocephalae) 22.86mg; Longan fruit (Euphoria logana) 22.86mg; Astragalus root (Radix polygalae) 22.86; Angelica deng gui (Radix anagelicae pubescentis) 22.86mg; Saussurea root (Radix saussurdeae) 5.7mg.

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