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Used to relieve deficiency of yin with liver fire, causing heat symptoms in the upper burner including ear-ringing, headache, high blood pressure, eye pressure, insomnia, thirst, and eye irritation. Source: Xiao Er Yao Zheng Zhi Jue, (Pediatric Pharmaceutical), Song Dynasty, 960-1279. Function: Nourish yin; hide the liver yang Application: Use to relieve hearing disorders such as tinnitus, and partial but not complete deafness (sensor-neural) which is due to def. kidney yin with relative excess yang. In addition, the patient may have related symptoms such as dizziness or vertigo. Use to relievepoor vision or blurred vision due to def. kidney yin and def. liver yin.

Er Ming Zuo Ci Wan Sensor Tea Extract "Ear-Ringing Left Loving Pills"

SKU: P190
  • Fossilized Mammal Bone (long ju) 47.4 mg Prepared Rehmannia Root (shu di huang) 379.4 mg Chinese Yam Root and stem (shan yao) 189.6 mg Mature Asiatic Dogwood Fruit (without seeds) 189.6 mg (shan zhu yu) Polyporus Sclerotium (fu ling) 142.2 mg Tree Peony Bark (mu dan pi) 142.2 mg Alisma Tuber (ze xie) 142.2 mg Bupleurum Root or Herb (zhu ye chai hu) 47.4 mg

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