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A traditional formula for a smooth bronchial support, helps maintain a healthy respiratory system. A classical prescription for resolving phlegm-heat in lungs, throat and sinuses. Useful in the releif of bronchial congestion, sinus congestion and asthma when there is expectorated phlegm or nasal discharge. Useful in sticky phlegm, including chronic asthma or emphysema. Source: Jing Yue's Complete Works, Zhang Jingye, 1624, A.D. Function:Clear Lung Heat, Stop Cough, Eliminate sputum, calm asthma Application: Use to relieve cough that is strong and loud associated with phlegm heat. Additional symptoms include sputum that is thick and sticky; the patient has a feeling of fullness in the chest; the coughing is so severe that it can even cause vomiting. The tongue is reddish with a yellow fur. The pulse is slippery (compatible with sputum and mucous) and rapid (compatible with heat),pneumonia or chronic bronchitis where there are signs of heat in the lung. Contraindication: Do not use in cases where the cough is due to OPI Wind-Cold and the patient has chills. Do not use in cases where the cough is due to Def. Lung Yin and the patient has a dry cough with no phlegm.

Respiryn Extract (Concentrated) Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan

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