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It is a popular and well-known herbal dietary supplement useful for maintaining a healthy urinary tract. Tonifies kidney qi and yin, invigorates qi and blood, promotes urination, resolves pain, astringes damp. A specific remedy to relieveenlarge prostate gland due to deficiency, with accompanying symptoms of painful or difficult urination, and pain in the groin. Recommended for chronic condition where swelling is pronounced.

Kai Kit Pill "Dispel (Prostate) Swelling Pill"

SKU: P184
  • Astragalus root 267mg Tang-Shen root 267mg Rehmannia root 267mg Privet fruit 133mg Plantain seed 67mg Red Sage root 67mg Achyranthes root 67mg Mantis Egg-Case 67mg Alisma stem 67mg Dodder seed 67mg

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