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Use to relieve deficiency of kidney yin with heat in the lungs, liver, heart, or systemic heat and fever. Symptoms include tidal fever, night sweating, hot flashes, heat in soles of feet or palms, insomnia, restless sleep, or high blood pressure due to deficiency of kidney yin. Source: Yi Zong Jin Jian, (The Golden Mirror of Medicine), Qing Dynasty, 1644-1911. Function: Moisten yin, quell ascending yang (eliminate empty fire) Application: Use to quell ascending yang (eliminate fire) in Ming Men (life gate) due to def. kidney yin. Symptoms: Low grade afternoon fever, heat in the five centers, flushed face, red cheeks, uneasiness, night sweat during sleep, nocturnal emission (with dreams); chronic throat pain due to rising empty fire; frequent urination of small amounts of concentrated, dark urine (also a sign of def. kidney yin with empty fire). Use to relieve “hot flashes” associated with menopause. Notes: This formula is important to consider for use with patients who have long-term use of steroids (prednisone) or thyroid hormone replacement therapy, because these patients often develop def. yin over a period of time. They may develop a red tongue, which may become swollen. They may also have mouth dryness, which can lead to tooth loss due to inadequate amounts of saliva.

Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan (Eight Flavor Rehmanni Extractat Concentrated)

SKU: P183
  • Chinese Yam Di Huang root Cornelian Cherry fruit Tuckahoe root Peony bark Water Plantain tuber Corktree bark Wind-weed rhizome

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