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Irascibility-relieving, sight-improving, liver-nourishing, kidney-benefiting, brain & eyes strengthing. Nourishes yin and blood, tonifies kidney and liver, tonifies qi, dispels liver fire and wind, benefits the eyes. Use to improve vision, especially eyesight that is beginning to diminish with blurriness or dizziness. Valuable in early stage of cataract. Also suitable for eye tearing, red or itchy eye, and hypertensive pressure behind the eyes. Also useful in dry eye. Source: Rui Zhu Tang Jing Yan Fang, (Formulas from Experience from the Rui Zhu Tang Pharmacy), Yuan Dynasty, 1279-1368. Function: Nourish yin; eliminate empty fire, nourish liver and improve eyesight Application: Use to relieve eye disease due to def. liver and kidney yin with signs of empty fire. Symptoms: Poor vision, photophobia, feeling of drying of drying in the eyes. Other def. yin signs may also be present such as fatigue, lumbago, insomnia, night sweats. Applications also use to relievethe following: (Use this formula for the eye disorders listed below only when def. liver and kidney yin with empty fire signs are present), glaucoma, retinitis, chroiditis, optic neuritis, and night blindness.

Shihu Yeguang Wan Concentrated Night Sight Pills

SKU: P182
  • Ginseng Root 16% Tribulus Fruit 4% Lycium Fruit 6% Siler Root 4% Chrysanthemum Flower 6% Ligusticum Rhizome 4% Ophiopogon Root 8% Cistanche Stem 4% Rehmannia Root 8% Rhinoceros Horn 4% Cassia Seed 6% Schizandra Fruit 4% Achyranthes Root 6% Aurantium Fruit 4% Dendrobrium Leaf 4% Antelope Horn 4% Coptis Rhizome 4% Celosia Seed 4%

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