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General purpose tonic for qi and blood, kidney qi and yang; also strengthens heart. Recommended for persons whose kidney deficiency has affected the heart or digestion. Useful in aged, and those recovering from illness and childbirth. Recommended for symptoms associated with congestive heart failure, including fatigue, poor digestion with undigested food in the stool, edema, difficulty breathing, and insomnia. Also useful for lowered sexual drive or impotence, lower back pain, or cold limbs. Function: Nourish kidney yin and yang, strengthen the lumbar area, strengthen the brain Application: Use to relieve def. qi, def. blood and def. kidney yang. Symptoms: Low sperm count or weak sperm, impotence, spermatorrhea, debility of limbs, night or day sweating, insomnia, palpitations, soreness and weakness of the lumbar area, poor eyesight def. kidney yin has lead to def. liver yin), tinnitus, and weariness. This herbal formula will both nourish yin and reinforce yang, but it will especially reinforce the yang. Use to relieveneurasthenia, neurosis and other psychological disorders with def. kidney Caution: A little too warm to use over extended periods of time, except in significant yang deficiency. Evaluate and monitor usage. Contraindicated in heat or yin deficiency fever.

Sea Horse Bushing Wan Hyma Bushen

SKU: P176
  • English walnut (nut) 500mg Dong Quai (root) 300mg Asia ginseng (root) 200mg Psoralea (Fruit) 200mg poria (sclevotium) 200mg Clove (flower bulb) 150 mg Rehmannia (curd root tuber) 150 mg Lycium (Fruit) 100mg Astragalus (root) 100mg asiatic dogwood (fruit without seed) 100mg

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