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Removes heat from lungs and liver, clears phlegm-heat and toxic heat, moistens lungs and throat. Use for lung heat with phlegm aggrevated by liver fire, with symptoms of yellow phlegm (profuse or sticky), dry or raspy cough, sore throat, fever, concentrated urine and constipation. Also useful for mouth sores, bleeding gums due to heat, and toothache. Source: Shou Shi Bao Yuan (Longevity and Health), Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644 Function: Clear lung heat; reduce rising fire, stop cough, promote increase in body fluids Application: use to relievecough with abundant thick yellow sputum due to lung heat. Use to relieveswollen, painful sore throat; mouth or nose sore; toothache or boil. Use to relieve constipation due to heat in the large intestine (reddish urine may also be present). Use to stop bleeding from the nose or swollen gums due to excess heat. Heat signs must be present. Acute flare-ups in chronic bronchitis; acute tracheitis; pulmonary abscess pheumonia. Contraindication: Do not use when pregnant. Do not use in cases where the cough is due to OPI Wind-Cold or Def. Lung Yin, this formula is only used for cases with excess lung heat.

Ching Fei Yi Huo Pien

SKU: P17
  • As dietary supplement, take 4 herbal tablets once a day.

  • 12 Plastic Cartridges.

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