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Deferring aging, moistening the skin, maintaining good appearance, enhancing the vigour, refreshing the mind, extending the life and strengthening the functions. This is aging-deferring agent. Old or middle aged people who take it regularly can have their physique strenthened, their immunity improved and their diseases removed so as to extend their lives. The young who take it can maintain their full vigour and spirits. Strengthens kidney yang, tonifies qi and blood, promotes blood circulation, benefits heart and kidney, enriches sexual function, counters fatigue. Tonic for aged and dehabilitated patients. Useful for poor memory, senility, fatigue, poor resistance to disease, and strengthening the heart.

Ching Chun Bao Anti-Aging Tablets

SKU: P167
  • Main listed ingredients (it probably contains at least 20 herbs): Ginseng Root Rehmannia Root Asparagus Root

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