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Nourishes liver blood, tonifies kidney qi and kidney jing. Useful for chronic defiencies of liver blook, affecting vitality, or menstruation. Counters liver fire due to deficiency, with accompanying symptoms of headaches, eye pain, dizziness. Benefits lower back and joint aching due to weak kidney. Commonly used in China to keep hair from greying. Function: Nourish liver and kidney yin, tonify blood, strengthen bones and tendons Applications: Use to enrich liver and kidney yin, including marrow and sperm, especially in older patients with def. kidney yin and def. liver yin. Symptoms: Lassitude of legs where the patient cannot stand for a long period of time (tendons, liver); problems with eyesight (eyes, liver); dizziness, headache (def. liver blood has lead to internal wind which has lead to dizziness and headache); tinnitus (ears, kidney); memory problems (brain, sea of marrow, kidney); spermatorrhea (kidney). It is use to avoid white hair on the head. If the hair has turned to grey or white, this may be used to help return the hair back to the natural color.. This is the special function of the herb "Shou Wu" (Tuber of Multiflower, Knotweed; Radix Polygoni Multiflori). It is also use to relieve weakness in the lumbar area, weak legs, weak knees, and weak bladder control (frequent urination) in older people.

Shou Wu Pian

SKU: P156
  • Polygonum Shou Wu 100%.

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