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A natural herbal supplement helps to maintain the bronchial function healthy is Bronchial Support. It gives you addition support when you are in chronic or seasonal discomfort, and helps to restore you to your naturally breathing self. Function: Reduce phlegm and cough; calm asthma Application: Use to relieve chronic bronchitis and bronchiectasis (especially in the elderly patient). Symptoms: Abundant expectoration of thin, white phlegm.

Chi Kuan Yen Wan (Bronchial Support)

SKU: P15
  • Balloon Flower Root (Platycodon Grandiflorum) Kudzu Root (Pueraria Lobota Ohwi) Loquat Leaf (Eriobotrya Japonica Lindi) Pinellia Tuber (Pinelliae Ternata Breit) Senegq Root (Polygala Tenuifolia Wild) Arborvitae Leaf (Biota Orientalis Endl) Mulverry Root's Bark (Morus Alba L)

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