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Invigorates qi, breaks up stagnation, resolves damp, stop pain. Use to break up congestion of liver qi affecting stomach and spleen. The principal symptoms are abdominal gas, hiccups, belching, or flatulence. Other symptoms include abdominal pain, poor digestion, loose or erratic stools, poor appetite, and cold limbs with facial flush. Useful in liver-spleen disharmonies causing symptoms common to hypoglycemia. Source: Zhu Tian-Bi's formula, Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644. Function: Soothe liver; smooth depressed liver qi, aid digestion, remove food mass, stop pain in the middle warmer Application: Use to relieve stuck liver qi syndrome. Symptoms: Distension and pain in hypochondrium, or abdominal pain in liver or gall bladder areas (pain may travel to other parts as well, e.g. shoulder or lower abdomen). Use to relievespleen and stomach syndrome associated with stuck liver qi. Symptoms: Poor digestion, sensation of fullness in the stomach, especially after eating; nausea, burping, vomiting and regurgitation associated with hyperacidity. Contraindicated during pregnancy.

Shukan Wan "Soothe Liver Pill"

SKU: P135
  • Sichuan-Pagoda-Tree Fruit 152.8mg White Peony Root 142.6mg Turmeric Root&Stem 112.1mg Polyporus Sclerotium 101.9mg Bitter Orange Fruit 91.6mg Corydalis Stem 91.6mg Aloeswood Bark With Resin 91.6mg Cardamon Fruit 71.4mg Costus Root 71.3mg Aged Tangerine Peel 71.3mg Magnolia Bark 50.9mg Nutmeg Seed 50.9mg

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