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Disperses wind and damp, resolves spleen damp, regulates stomach, resolves phlegm. Primarily for digestive distubances due to wind invasion of stomach channel (stomach flu). Also useful for food poisoning, as well as a variety of digestive disorders due to deficiency of spleen and stomach qi, or stagnation of stomach qi. Symptoms include sudden and violent cramping, headache, vomiting, abdominal bloating with pain, and difficulty in passing stools, or diarrhea. Useful for general nausea, motion-sickness, or morning sickness. Safe in pregnancy, and for children.


SKU: P130
  • Chrysanthemum flower 6.8mg Germinated rice 10.4mg Mentha leaf 8.3mg Trichosanthes root 10.4mg Hoelen root 26.7mg Pueraria root 13.5mg Angelica root 14.7mg Patchouli herb 14.7mg Atractylodis L R 14.9mg Shen Chu leave 13.5mg Red citrus 6.7mg Coix seed 13.6mg

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