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Tonifies spleen qi, resolves spleen-damp, opens obstructed qi at the center. Indicated in digestive disorders that include abnominal distension and fullness after eating, belching or passing gas, erratic or pasty stools, and poor appetite. Source: Zheng Zhi Zhun Sheng, 1602. Function: Strengthen spleen; eliminate dampness, regulate stomach and spleen energy; move food mass Application: Use to relieve def. Spleen. Spleen/stomach symptoms: The patient frequently has stuck food mass; poor appetite; stomach distension; low energy; a pale face; and a weaker pulse. Intestinal symptoms: The patient frequently has diarrhea or loose stools due to dampness associated with def. Spleen qi. Contraindication: Do not use this formula with a woman who is nursing.

Ginseng Jian Pi Wan "Ginseng Strengthen Spleen Pill"

SKU: P127
  • Aurantium Fruit 24% Codonopsis Root 16% Atractylodes Rhizone 16% Tangerine Peel 16% Hawthorn Berry 12%

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