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For the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints due to simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises,and sprains. Dispels blood and fluid stagnation, invigorates qi and blood, relaxes tendons and muscles, promotes healing, stops pain. Use for a wide variety of traumatic injury, including fracture, sprain, tears to ligaments and muscles, and bruising. Effective for injuries due to sports and martial arts. Not appropriate for vigorous massage. Function: Promote blood circulation; decrease swelling; stop pain, promote regeneration of broken bone tissue; promote healing of fractures Application: Use to relievefractures and dislocated joints due to sports or other traumatic injuries. Cautions: This solution is for external use only. Keep away from children. Apply this solution on a daily basis only after the bone has been set, or the dislocation has been re-positioned. When using this solution with adults, do not leave the soaked cotton ball in place for more than the indicated period of time. If the patient has a serious skin reaction to the solution (blistering or rash), discontinue use. Do not apply this solution to an open wound. This Solution is flammable. Keep the bottle tightly closed and do not use near open fire or flame. How to use the solution: The fractured bone should be set by a professional in a hospital setting should set the fractured bone. This solution should be applied to the affected area, however, before the bone is set, because it will stop the pain. After the bone is set, apply a cotton ball soaked with the solution to the affected area. Two or three soaked cotton balls may be used to “surround” the fractured area. Lightly wrap the soaked cotton balls into place with gauze. Leave the soaked cotton balls on the area for 1 hour if the fracture is on a upper limb. Leave the soaked cotton balls on the area for 1 and ½ hours if the fracture is on a lower limb. Then remove the cotton balls; they will be dry and there is no need to wipe away the remaining solution. From the next day on, apply this procedure twice a day to the affected area until complete recovery has taken place. Bottles of 100ml.

Zheng Gu Shui "Rectify Bone Liquid"

SKU: P116
  • Camphor 5.6% Menthol 5.6%

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