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It supports the health of the respiratory system, immune system, nervous system, sinuses, stomach and bowels and the general well-being of the body. Expels toxic heat and wind-heat from exterior. Use for the first day or two of a wind-heat attack, exhibiting toxic heat symptoms (flu): swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, aching body, fever with chills, headache, sore shoulders, stiff neck. Promotes sweating. Excellent when taken immediately. Also useful for skin itching due to wind-heat, and allergenic skin reactions(hives).

Yinchiao Tablet Antihistamine Pain-Reliever-Fever Reducer

SKU: P11
  • Honeysuckle flower, Forsythia herb, Platycodon root, Mentha herb, Lophatherum herb, Schizonepeta herb, Semen sojae preparatum, Cnidium heard and Burdock (Arctii-fructus).

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