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It helps maintain cardiovascular funtion and a healthy circulatory system. A single herb remedy for blood stagnation in the heart and blood vessels causing angina pain, respiratory distress, numbness in the limbs and poor blood circulation.. Used for supression in heart disease, including atheroscelerosis, stroke, and embolism. Function: Promote blood circulation and remove blood stagnation, clear heat, detoxify fire poison Application: Use to relieve blood vessel disease including cardiac vascular disease, cerebral vascular disease, and peripheral artery disease. Use to relieve infections, which may be associated with pharyngitis, tonsillitis, and bronchitis. Contraindication: In most cases this medicine will cause no side effects. In a small percent of cases that use a large dose, slight nausea or abdominal cramps or dizziness or headache may be present. In a small percent of cases, the same side effects observed when taking blood-thinners are present, including bruising easily, increased bleeding, etc. Patients who have a low platelet count or internal bleeding problems (bleeding ulcer) or hypermenorrhea should use this formula with caution.

Maodungching Cardyherb Capsules

SKU: P103
  • Pubescent holly root

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