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Actions: Supports the health of the heart. Calms simple nervous tension, relieves occasional sleeplessness and improve absentmindedness. results: Protective effect in myocardial and cerebral Ischemia/reperfusion, Protective effect in acute ischemic kidney failure, Stress, Angina pectoris, Effect on shortened P-R Interval of electrocardiogram, Cardiovascular psychoneurosis, and Recurrent canker sores

Tian Wang Bu Xin Wan Emperor's Heart Formula

  • Radix Rehmanniae 32% Radix Scrophulariae 8% Frutus Schizandra 8% Radix Asparagi 8% Radix Angelicae sinensis 8% Radix Ophiopogonis 8% Semen Biotae Orientals 8% Semen Ziziphi Spinosae 8% Radix Polygalae 4% Poria Cocos 4% Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae 4%

  • 200 Pills.

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