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This is a famous herbal formula in traditional Chinese medicine to promote optimal well being by establishing the body's natural balance. This supplement is appropriate for rapid heart beating, nausea and lost of appetite. Common use: Nourishes blood, improves digestion, regulates menstrual cycle. Description: Ba Zhen Wan is the single most important formula for supporting and nourishing women who are blood deficient. It is especially important for women to promote the production of blood because they lose blood every month during menstruation. In the West, doctors often recommend iron supplements for anemic patients, but this is often inadquate because it focuses only on one nutrient. The richness of Ba Zhen Wan is that it helps to nourish all aspects of blood (red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, plasma, fluid in the blood, etc.), and it regulates the movement or lack of movement in blood. It also aids digestion to improve the body's own ability to manufacture blood and assimilate the nutrients to build healthy blood. If a woman loses a lot of blood during menstruation and has a busy schedule and perhaps eats a poor diet, then she could easily become undernourished. In gact, it is all too common for women to be anemic and blood deficient in this country without realizing it. A woman can also become very weak and deficient because of a chronic disease pattern or after delivering a baby. Some of the symptoms of weakness and deficiency are a pallid or pale complexion, low appetite, shortness of breath, a very soft, weak voice, fatigue, light headedness, vertigo, anxiety, and possible heart palpitations.

Bar Jen Wan Also Called Ba Zhen Wan

SKU: F64
  • Indian Bread 320mg Largehead Atractlodes 320mg Chuanxiong 260mg Peony 260mg Rehmannia 260mg Angelica 240mg Ginseng 240mg Licorice 200mg Other ingredients: Magnesium Stearate

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