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Expellin Extract (concentrated) Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao Wan Function: 1. Expel OPI Wind-Cold 2. Stop Headache due to Wind-Cold Application: 1. Use to relieve headache due to OPI Wind Factor. 2. Use to relieve headache as well as Wind-Cold syndrome with symptoms such as chills, fever, stuffy nose. 3. Use to relieve OPI headache in any of the following meridians-Xiao Yang (sides of head); Jue Yin (top of head); Tai Yang (back of head; neck, upper back); Yang Ming (forehead). 4. Use to relieveheadache due to nasal disorders such as rhinitis, sinusitis. Contraindication: Do not use in a case where the headache is due to Deficiency. Do not use with a weak patient who has def. Qi, Def. Blood or Def. Yin, where the Yang has ascended to cause the headache.

Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao Wan Expellin Extract

SKU: F60
  • Chinese Mint Aerial Parts, Sichuan Lovage Rhizome, Schizonepeta Herb, Fang-Feng Root, Notopterygium Root and Rhizome, Fragrant Angelica Root, Chinese Licorice Root and Rhizome, Mature Round-Leaf Chaste Tree Fruit.

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