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Shi ling tong or Shilintong, some define it as Shilingtong this medicine uses special herbal called DE S MODIUM Stracifolium for relieving calculus in urinary system. Prepared by the scientific method, it is an ideal agent in conformity with the oral medication for controling this disease. According to the medical literature put down in past dynasties, this herbal is capable of excreting urine and clearing away heat, and good at control the urination disturbance. Modern pharmacology verifies that it has the action of anti-clotting and is capable of dilating the smooth muscle so as to make the calculus easy to be transferred and expelled out. Indication: Various urinary disorders with symptoms of frequent urination in small amounts (with or without blood in the urine), painful urination, urinary tract stones (including kidney stones), urinary tract infection or inflammation, pyelonephritis, gallstones, hepatitis with jaundice, cirrhosis or the liver with ascites, bladder stones, and edema associated with nephritis.

Shilintong Or Shi Lin Tong Calculuses Of Kidney And Bladder

  • Herba Lysimachiae

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