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Also called Xiao Qing Long Wan minor Blue dragon Pills Common usage: Common cold complicated by edema and phlegm. Description: Early Chinese doctors noticed that there is not just one type of common cold. they realized there are several types with different symptoms which affect the body differently. In this case, an individual gets a common cold, but the body fails to resist. Fluids are retained (edema) in the chest which cause difficulty in breathing (wheezing). A basic common cold formula will not work in a situation like this because this condition is complicated by excess phlegm and dampness. The lungs become congested with fluids without yet turning into bronchitis. The condition is still considered to be  like a common cold, but with additional herbs to relieve the condition correctly. Releives: An individual who already has problems retaining water or has water metabolism problems probably has underlying weak digestion and weak lungs. In this type of common cold, the lungs accumulate fluids which the Chinese call "branch drink," Meaning simply that the branches of the lung-the bronchitis-are congested with fluids. Symptoms include chills and fever without sweating, body aches, heavy head and sensitivity to cold, along with a cough, but with mucus that is clear and white, but not yellow, with bubbles perhaps. Add to these a congested, bloated chest, wheezing, and difficult urination.

Xiao Qing Long Tang Wan Blue Dragon Extract

SKU: F58
  • Pinelia (rhizome) 215 mg Chinese peony (root) 215 mg Cassia (bark) 215 mg Schisandra (fruit) 145 Ginger (dried rhizome) 145 mg Chinese licorice (root) 145 mg

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