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Function: 1. Clear heat, reduce excess fire 2. Promote bowel movement and urination Application: 1. Use to relieve symptoms due to Excess Fire in the Heart Meridian. Symptoms: Swollen and sore throat; mouth or tongue sore (stomatitis), swollen gun with toothache; pink eye (conjunctivitis); difficult or burning, painful urination with dark yellow urine. 2. Use to relieve Excess Heat in the Stomach or Large intestine (Li) causing constipation. 3. Some Western medicine disease applications include the following; Bacterial infection in the urinary tract including cystitis, urethritis or pyelitis; stomatitis. Note, for stomatitis, the patient may also apply some herbal medicine locally, e.g. xi gua shuang Contraindication: Do not use with pregnant women: or someone who is weak, or someone who has diarrhea, TCM theory. The title refers to "leading away the red," or taking away the Heat in the Heart. In TCM theory, the heart and small intestine are paired organs, and the small intestine relates to urination. A urinary tract infection can be referred to as "Heat pouring down from the heart into the small intestine." Therefore, this herbal medicine is also appropriate for urinary tract infection. If the patient has a urinary tract infection with bleeding, the best results will be obtained if this Patent Medicine is taken with a Yao Yin made of Bai Mao Gen (Rhizoma Imperatae Cylindricae). The Yao Yin should be made with 30 grams of Bai Mao Gen for one day.

Dao Chi Pian Gardenia Fruit Combination

SKU: F52
  • Gardenia (fruit) 120 mg Chinese Skullcap (root) 120 mg Poria (Sclerotium) 100 mg Rehmannia (unprocessed root tuber 60 mg Forsythia (fruit) 48 mg Chinese Peony (root) 48 mg

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