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Common usage: Dry cough, chronic cough and bronchitis, weak lungs, dry skin. Description: Another variation of Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, this formula helps to improve the functioning of the lungs, producing fluids for those with chronic dry cough, chronic bronchitis, excessive thirst, and dry skin problems. It is especially good for elderly patients who have become very deficient and have dry skin, dry couh, and other symptoms of aging.

Mai Wei Di Huang Wan Anagex Extract Concentrated

SKU: F43
  • Rehmannia (cured root tuber) 320 mg Chinese yam (rhizome) 170 mg Poria (sclerotium) 170 mg Tree peony (root bark) 120 mg Asian water plantain (rhizome) 120 mg Asiatic dogwood (fruit without seed) 120 mg Ophiopogon (root tuber) 120 mg Schisandra (fruit) 80mg Other ingredients: cornstarch

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