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This fine product is based on a well-known Dr Chu Dan-Chi's formula, an ancient Chinese physician of Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), to produce. It's made of by the modern scientific process to blend, to refine, and highly concentrate all these natural herbs: Fructus Lycii, Semen Cuscutae, Fructus Rubi, Fructus Sehisandral, Semen Plantagines, cnidium monnier (L.) Cussn, fresh hordeum vulgare (L.) and with Wild Mountain Grown Panas ginseng added thereto. This pill is a good remedy for general weakness and renal inadequacy; correcting recessive trend of vitality gate; helpful in improving impotence, seminal emission, premature ejaculation;relieving lumbago, knee fatigue, weak to walk, residual urine, hair loss & loose theeth feeling, grey hair & beard in youth age, pale looks, spirit depression etc symptoms. In the sub fertile male due to oligospermia, it's especially effective in prolonging its use by taking regularly 4-6 pills daily. To check the result and to determine the improvement it is advise to repeat the sperm count in every 2 to 3 months respectively. Base on the over 20 years researches conducted by the Scientific Research dept of our factory it's proved that this pill has satisfactory results. It is therefore a precious product which is indispensable for those sub fertile male who want to regain and to revive their fertility power. Ingredients: Fructus Lycii, Semen Cuscutae, Fructus Rubi, Fructus Sehisandral, Semen Plantagines, Cnidium Mnnieri (L.) Cussn, Fresh Hordem Vulgare (L.), Wild Mountain Grown Panax Ginseng, Royal Jelly, Seal Penis, Rein-deer Penis, Crocodile Penis. Functions: Nourishing kidney fluid, promoting sperms & marrow, male sexuality strengthening. Indication: Renal inadequacy, lumbago, infertility, oligospermia, premature grey hair and beard, hair loss, impotence, premature ejaculation, seminal emission, residual urine, knee fatigue, spirit depression & pale complexion.

Diploid Generating Pill For Men Fertility And Pregnancy

SKU: F42
  • Twice daily. Taking 2 pills each time after meal with warm boiled water.

  • 120 PIlls.

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