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Xiao Chai Hu Tang Wan minor Bupleurum formula pills discussion of cold-induced disorders Common usage: Lingering common cold. GMP Certified products Description: This prescription relieves a common cold which does not improve and is starting to invade deeper layers of the body. It is the second stage of the common cold, called shao yang syndrome. If a cold worsens into the third stage, it will invade the interior and attack the lungs or the intestines, the Yang Ming level Shao Yang level is the second stage where the disease is trapped between the exterior and the interior. Symptoms include alternating fever and chills, an internal struggle between the body and the disease as the disease tries to penetrate more deeply. It is accompanied by a dry throat, bitter taste in the mouth, dizziness, irritability bloated chest, shallow breathing, low appetite, nausea and perhaps vomiting. Based on the symptoms, it can be seen that the disease is beginning to affect the digestion (nausea, low appetite) and the lungs (difficult breathing). This formula also can be taken when a woman gets a common cold during menses. The Chinese teach that taking very strong cold-fighting herbs during menses is potentially damaging to women because they are most vulnerable at this time. The Chinese say that the House of Blood (uterus and associated meridians) is open during menses and therefore makes women more susceptible to the affects of strong, cold herbs. This prescription follows the harmonizing principle of relieving disease a balance between strengthening the body's and fighting infection. Other approaches include the sweating method, which is used in the first stage of a cold, or the heat clearing method, which would be used for disease that has completely invaded the interior Chai Hu (bupleurum root) specifically relieves sickness that is trapped between the exterior and the interior (otherwise known as Shao Yang Syndrome). It also helps to relieve a fever, and is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral. Ban Xia (pinellia rhizome) clears phlegm and dampness to protect the lungs, harmonizes the digestive system and normalizes the middle. Sheng jiang (fresh ginger rhizome) warms the digestive system to relieve nausea, poor appetite, and to balance the effects of cold herbs on the stomach. It can also dissolve phlegm. Dang Shen (codonopsis root) builds the immune system, assists the digestion and nourishes the normal energy of the body so that it can better resist sickkness. It also strengthens the lungs which are considered the be the sensitive organ, most easily susceptible to sickness. Da Zao (black jujube date) harmonizes the digestion and builds energy. Gan Cao (licorice root) harmonizes the actions of the other herbs and aids digestions.

Xiao Chai Hu Tang Wan Heparex Extract

SKU: F41
  • Bupleurum (root) 338 mg Codonopsis (root) 168 mg Jujube (fruit) 168 mg Chinese skullcup (root) 168 mg Pinellia (rhiziome 168 mg Chinese licorice (root) 112 mg Ginger (fresh rhizome) 90 mg

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