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Vitiligo is a common chronic dermatosis, for which there is no specific remedy, either traditional or western medicine. This disorder has been listed as one of the strategic research program sponsored by Guangzhou Scientific and Technical Committee. Cooperating with the Dermatology Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, our factory explores the essence of Chinese medical heritage and employs the principles of tonifying liver and kidneys, activating blood circulation, removing blood stasis, nourishing blood and expelling wind for the relief of this disorder. More than ten kinds of herbs have been selected for their active principles. In recent years, 458 cases have been relieved with a total effective rate of 70.69%. This product has been appraised by experts and is considered as a novel remedy for vitiligo. The Compositions of the prescription is reasonable, and is founded that it exert the effects of increasing leucocytes in peripheral blood circulation, enhancing immunological function, increasing the absorption of ultraviolet rays in skin and mucous membrane and promoting pigmentation. The de-pigmentation, especially localized and short-term, may be controlled after continuous administration of the pills for 2 to 3 months. Pharmacological study reveals no side and toxic effects. *

Vitiligex Capsules (Bai Shi Wan) Vitiligo

  • Fo-ti (dried root tuber) 400mg Ren Shi (fruiting body) 400 mg Chinese salvia (root & rhizome) 400mg Psoralea (fruit) 400 mg Safflower (flower) 300 mg Tribulus (fruit) 300 mg Chinese Licorice (root) 200 mg

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