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Pinelllia and magnolia pills Special warning: When using this formula, please be certain that there is no physical blockage in the throat. If the problem continues or worsens, please see a doctor. Common usage: constricted throat, discomfort swallowing. Description:Ban Xia Hou Po Wan addresses a problem stuck in the throat, of not being able to swallow, but for which there is no apparent physical cause. There is no sign of blockage in the x-ray or MRI, but the individual feels something stuck in the throat.

Pinellia Of Magnolia Teapills Ban Xia Hou Po Wan Plum Flower Brand

SKU: F35
  • Peoria cocos fungus, Pinellia ternata rhizome-gingered. Magnolia officinalis bark, Zingiber officinale rhizome-fresh, Perilla frutescens leaf. Fung ling, jiang ban xia, hou po, sheng jiang, zi su ye. Description ingredients in the formula: Ban Xia (pinellia rhizome) dissolves phlegm and releases stagnant Qi and Phlegm which are stuck in the throat. Ban Xia dissolves the phlegm and helps to move Qi downward so that it doesn't remain stuck in the throat. Hou Po (magnolia bark) transforms stagnant phlegm and dampness, helps the digestive process remove fluids and phlegm, and moves Qi downward to open the throat and the chest. Fu Ling (poria cocos fungus) eliminates dampnesss and improves digestion. If there is excess dampness, it will congeal into phlegm which is sticky and difficult to move. Zi Su Ye (perilla leaf) aids digestion and helps move stuck energy in the throat, chest and abdomen. Sheng Jiang (fresh ginger rhizome) assists the stomach and digestive energy, harmonizing digestion and helping to warm the stomach and improve the downward movement of stomach Qi. It also helps to dissolve phlegm.

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