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Thousand Pieces of Gold Stop Leukorrhea Pills Common usage: Vaginal discharge. Description: Like Yu Dai Wan, this formula is useful in relieving vaginal discharge. Although there are at least two major causes of leukorrhea, this formula addresses both types: a spleen Qi deficiency type and a lower burner, damp heat type. In the cse of lower burner damp heat, the dampness stagnates and accumulates below the navel where it restricts the normal flow of fluids and Qi. Whenever there is a stagnation of dampness, it will eventually turn into heat. Where there is an accumulation of dampness, it will eventually overflow. In this situation, the excess fluids are forced out in the form of vaginal discharge. This is also the case with spleen Qi deficiency, fluids can stagnate in the lower burner which includes the kidneys, bladder and uterus. In this scenario, the fluids overflow and leak out through the vagina.

Chien Chin Chih Tai Wan

SKU: F33
  • Angelica root, Atractylis lancea root, Fennel, Corydalis, Inula helenium root, Radix Dipsaci, Campanulaceae flower, Concha ostreae and Natural indigo.

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